A 'Legally Insane' Chicago Woman Got Elected Again To Be A Judge

Cynthia BrimJudge Cynthia Brim in a PCC Studio interview.

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Judge Cynthia Brim was re-elected as a Cook County judge last week after an 18-year tenure marked by allegations of mental illness and criticisms by the Chicago Bar Association.And the very next day, she was in court on charges that she shoved a court deputy, the Chicago Tribune reports.

At the court hearing, Brim’s lawyer reportedly said the longtime judge was having a manic episode when she battered the deputy.

“At that point she is absolutely psychotic in the sense of not having the ability to think straight or to even organise her thinking or to really remember a darn thing that happened,” attorney James Montgomery Sr. said, according to the Tribune.

A psychiatrist also found Brim to be legally insane, Montgomery told the court, the day after his client won 63.5 per cent of the vote.

Her alleged battery isn’t the only thing that should have worried voters.

The Chicago Bar Association recommended voters not re-elect Brim and the Chicago Council of Lawyers has determined she was “not qualified” to sit on the bench, The Chicago Sun-Times reported in October.

Despite her re-election, Brim is suspended from hearing cases in light of her pending charges. But she’ll still collect her $182,000 salary.

“I’m just happy the people voted me back in,” Brim told the Tribune.

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