This real-life cyborg has an antenna implanted into his skull

Artist Neil Harbisson was born completely colour blind and sees the world in grayscale. But even though Neil can’t see colour doesn’t mean he can’t sense it. That’s because Neil Harbisson is a cyborg who can hear colour.

In 2004, Neil convinced a doctor to implant into his skull an antenna that detects and transposes colours into corresponding tones — allowing him to hear colour through bone conduction. He considers it a new body part.

“This is an implant, so it’s permanently attached,” Neil says. “There’s no way of removing it.”

As co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation and one of several known cyborgs on this planet,  Neil expects humans to be more open to the idea of implanting technology into their bodies in the near future.

Produced by Will Wei and Graham Flanagan. Edited by Will Wei. Series editor: Sam Rega.

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