Cyberwar: Israel And Hamas Attack Each Other's Media

Israeli tanks are pushing into the Gaza Strip, and the Israel-Hamas fight is also playing out on another front: the Internet.

Over New Year’s, a Morocco-based Islamic group calling itself “Team Evil” hacked DNS servers to reroute traffic away from Israeli media outlets like ynetnews to a site containing anti-Israeli propaganda.

Not to be outdone, the Israelis in turn hacked into Gaza-based Al Aqsa TV, taking the station’s sometimes luridly antisemitic programming off the air and replacing it with a crude animation of Hamas leaders being gunned down, accompanied by the Arabic text “Time is running out.”

Attacking the other side’s media outlets seems to be a standard feature of 21st century warfare: During the summer Russia-Georgia war, Georgian news outlets were targeted by pro-Russia hackers.

We hope American media sites hold up well during when cyberwar inevitably comes to our own servers.

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