This Hack For Android Will Let You Try All The Cool Gingerbread Features The Manufacturer Won’t Let You Have

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For those of you still waiting for Gingerbread, you can now get many of the same features without waiting on your sluggish cell phone maker to deliver the update.CyanogenMod has released a new version based on Gingerbread with some cool new features like incognito web browsing, canned SMS responses, and HDMI mirroring. (Just to name a few).

We haven’t written about CyanogenMod yet, so first a bit of background:

CyanogenMod is firmware that you can install on your rooted Android phone. It’s one of the best ways to fully customise your phone and add new features you won’t find from Google or your device’s manufacturer.

If you haven’t rooted your phone yet, check out our guide here. (Always root at your own risk).

Installing CyanogenMod can be slightly different for each Android phone, so check out the wikis on how to do it on your device. However, the basics are the same:

  • Before rooting, make sure you back up your phone using a service like Titanium Backup or ASTRO File Manager.
  • Root your phone and install the app ROM Manager from the Android Market.
  • From ROM Manager you can download and install the latest version of CyanogenMod, version 7, following the on-screen instructions.
  • Reboot your phone and it will load with CyanogenMod

Since CyanogenMod 7 is based on Gingerbread, your phone will have many of the same features we told you about when we reviewed the Nexus S. There are dozens of other cool new features, so check out the full list here.

[CyanogenMod via Lifehacker]

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