19 products to buy at CVS — and 19 more you should buy somewhere else

  • CVS Health currently operates 10,000 pharmacies.
  • At CVS, customers can refill prescriptions and buy snacks, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and more.
  • The popular drugstore has amazing deals on some items, while other products are worth skipping.
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CVS is one of the most popular drugstores and pharmacies in America.

And with nearly 10,000 locations in the US, chances are you’ve passed a CVS recently.

While CVS can be a quick and convenient place to shop for basic health products and food, this convenience can come with a price. Though CVS offers great deals and even more savings for their 62 million ExtraCare members, it’s not the best place to shop for every necessity. In fact, many products that are a quick and easy grab from CVS can be found for cheaper at other drugstores, supermarkets, or large retailers like Walmart or Target.

With that in mind, here are 19 products to buy at CVS – and 19 more you should buy elsewhere.

Buy: Laundry detergent


CVS has frequent sales on major laundry detergent brands, so make sure to take advantage of them. By combining ExtraCare rewards points with a coupon, the Krazy Coupon Lady bought a 40-ounce bottle of OxiClean for only $US0.99.

Skip: Salon hair products


Buying hair-care products at CVS or other drugstores may not get you the best bargain. In fact, they may be fuelling a grey-market industry that sells counterfeit, stolen, or expired goods. This is known as diversion, and diverted products are typically more expensive and less effective than the bona fide product. Sources have even reported the presence of bacteria in diverted professional hair products.

To be safe, buy your hair products and professional shampoo at a salon. It may be at a higher price, but many salons’ anti-diversion policies protect against the grey market so you’ll know what you’re buying is authentic.

Buy: Deodorant


CVS offers great deals on deodorant, too. With the right coupons and the right timing, deodorant brand names are typically bought for $US1 or less and can even be free while shopping at CVS.

Skip: Toilet paper


If you’re down to your last roll, consider restocking at Walmart instead of CVS. A Clark.com price comparison found 12 rolls of Scott 1,000 toilet paper at CVS to be more expensive than the prices at Walgreens, Walmart, and Dollar General.

Buy: CVS Health-brand pain medications


Ibuprofen is ibuprofen regardless of the brand it was manufactured by. CVS Health is an exclusive brand of CVS Pharmacy that aims to help you and your family “get well and be well” for a smaller price than other brand names.

In a side-by-side comparison of Acetaminophen, the CVS Health brand cost only 14.3 cents per tablet while Tylenol brand costs almost twice as much at 26.2 cents per tablet.

Skip: Advil


If you prefer to buy brand-name medications like Advil however, avoid buying at CVS. Karen Bennett, a Cheat Sheet money and career author, compared the prices of over-the-counter medications at CVS and Walgreens and found that Walgreens was a clear winner in most categories.

Buy: Milk


While CVS may not be the first retailer to come to mind for perishable goods, it’s a great place to stop and shop for milk.

“When we compared the price of milk at CVS to our local, large grocery store, it was $US2.20 cheaper,” a Coupons.com savings expert told HuffPost. This is because milk is a traffic driver for prescription medication and other pricier items.

Skip: Yogurt and cheese


When it comes to dairy products other than milk, however, savings experts say they are best to avoid buying at CVS. They’re usually much more expensive and only available in select brands. You’ll most likely get a better bargain at your local grocery store.

Buy: Makeup


The makeup section of CVS may not be as attractive as the ones in other beauty stores, but the price tag sure is. According to Teri Gault, The Grocery Game CEO and national savings expert, combining your ExtraCare card and coupons at the right time can get you 67% or more off your favourite makeup products at CVS.

Skip: Bottled water


Bottled water isn’t a great purchase at CVS either. Supermarkets and warehouse stores sell bottled water for much cheaper and usually stock more brands.

Buy: Toothpaste


There’s no reason to stock up on toothpaste at warehouse stores to get the best bang for your buck. According to Mary Potter Kenyon, author of “Coupon Crazy: The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America’s Extreme Obsession,” couponing at the right time is the key to getting the best deals on toiletries and other everyday necessities like toothpaste at CVS.

Other savings experts have also claimed that “toothpastes are all no more than $US0.50 or free” when “bought on great sales with coupons and sometimes in store rebates as well.”

Skip: Hair styling tools


CVS has hair styling tools available for purchase, but most likely not a large variety of brands to select from. At the time of writing, CVS is currently selling only three brands of hair dryers on its website while other retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond are providing 20 or more brands to choose from.

Though CVS has a variety of different Conair hair styling tools, they are usually met with unfavorable reviews complaining of hair damage and faulty products.

Buy: Canned soup


As reported by the Krazy Coupon Lady, CVS usually has a few stock-up deals on Progresso and Campbell’s soup each month. According to their report, Campbell’s Well Yes! soup prices can dip as low as $US0.25 per can.

Skip: Housewares


Anything from stem glasses and Tupperware to cookie sheets and cooking utensils are best to avoid while shopping at CVS, the experts say.

“You’re more likely to find a [better] deal on these items at stores like Target, Walmart and Sears,” Lindsay Sakraida, director of content marketing at DealNews.com says.

Buy: Seasonal candy and snacks


The day after Halloween and Valentine’s Day candy and chocolate goes on sale at most retailers. But, believe it or not, at CVS you can find a great discount on seasonal candies before the holiday due to limited shelf space.

Skip: Holiday decor


Unless it’s a post-holiday clearance sale, it’s best to shop for holiday decor at other retailers before CVS. Discount stores like Kmart, TJMaxx, and HomeGoods are known for having great discounts on holiday decorations and a bigger selection of items to choose from.

Buy: Peanut butter


CVS has your back when it comes to peanut butter. To get customers into the store, CVS often runs specials on a variety of grocery items. In a price comparison by Thekitchn.com, peanut butter was $US0.30 cheaper at CVS than at Walgreens.

Skip: Soda


Soda is another item you should never buy at CVS or other drugstores, The Cheat Sheet said. This is because drugstores rarely run discounts on soft drinks while supermarkets do regularly. Even without a discount, the regular price of soda is reportedly higher at CVS than at other supermarkets.

Buy: Alcohol


While other beverages may not give you a good discount at CVS, the alcohol sure can. Top brands are usually on sale and customers report earning cash back on liquor purchases when using an app like Ibotta.

Skip: Planters peanuts


While it won’t necessarily break the bank to pick up a jar of nuts from CVS on your way home from work once in a while, it’s not a financially smart habit to fall into. A Clark.com comparison test found that Planters dry roasted peanuts were just under $US2 more at CVS than at Walmart.

Buy: Gift cards


While you’ll pay $US20 for a $US20 gift card just about anywhere, Dustyn Ferguson of Dime Will Tell says that buying that $US20 gift card at CVS will get you rewards points for future purchases. Before your next CVS visit, check which gift cards qualify and maximise your future savings.

Skip: ‘As seen on TV’ items


If you like an “as seen on TV” product, you’re more likely to find a deal on Amazon than at CVS, Sakraida said. Although it’s common for CVS to sell these items, they are almost always at retail price.

Buy: Flu shot


Next time you’re in the market for a flu shot, consider stopping by a CVS MinuteClinic. According to the GoBankingRates, CVS offers a 20% discount off your total purchase after getting a flu shot.

Skip: Generic prescription drugs


Surprisingly, CVS is not the best place to purchase prescription drugs at a competitive price. In a 2013 Consumer Affairs study, CVS was found to have the highest prescription prices for all drugstores in the study.

Buy: Diapers and baby wipes


In a price comparison of different drug stores in June 2019, the Krazy Coupon Lady found that CVS was the better place to buy diapers and baby wipes than at Walgreens and Rite Aid. To get the best deal, the site suggests combining sales prices, coupons, and rewards offers at CVS to save at least 60%.

Skip: Toys


According to the Cheat Sheet, the markups on toys in drugstores like CVS are high. For a larger selection, take a trip to Walmart or Target.

Buy: Kellogg’s Cereal


Brand-name cereals are frequently on sale at CVS. With sale prices and a coupon, it’s common to score Kellogg’s Cereal for $US1 or less.

Skip: Batteries


Next time you take a trip to CVS, avoid the battery section and shop elsewhere. CVS’s alkaline AA batteries came in dead last among nine different brands in a test performed by Consumer Reports magazine in 2009. The Panasonic Evolta was found to have the best battery life, holding charge for more than twice as long as the CVS brand.

Buy: Razors


Combining coupons with CVS rewards points is the key to scoring great deals on razors. According to Shareably, CVS regularly features 20% off deals that save you about a $US1 more per refill cartridge than at other large retailers.

Skip: Electronics


CVS and other pharmacies tend to have a lot of electronics on display, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy them. According to a consumer expert, electronics at CVS are usually overpriced and of low quality. To get a good deal on electronics, try shopping online instead.

Buy: SoftSoap body wash


With no sale going on, brand-name body wash might be cheaper at Walmart or Target. But with a CVS markdown, brands like Softsoap are sold for as low as $US1.49 for 15-ounce bottles.

Skip: Dog food and treats


Although CVS offers markdowns and even a $US1 store section on certain dog foods and treats, these are best to avoid. In fact, these markdowns may mean that they’re not made from the best food sources or materials. Instead, experts suggest shopping at Target, Kmart, and club stores for long-lasting and safe alternatives.

Buy: Paper towels


According to Jon Lal, founder and CEO of BeFrugal.com, paper towels are typically found at a low price at CVS, and its store brand is highly rated in quality.

In fact, a Consumer Reports magazine test of 21 paper towel brands found that CVS-brand Big Quilts was one of three recommended to consumers for its ability to scrub and hold water.

Skip: Cleaning supplies


Unlike paper towels, other cleaning supplies are usually marked higher at CVS and other drugstores. A price comparison found that a 35 count of Clorox cleaning wipes were $US1.21 more at CVS than at Walmart. Unless you have a coupon, savings experts suggest using the sales, coupons, and instant rebates that supermarkets regularly run.

Buy: Tampax tampons


Tampax tampons have also been reported as a great stock-up item to purchase at CVS. Keep an eye out for coupons to combine with an ExtraBucks promotion like “spend $US20, receive $US5 ExtraBucks.”

Skip: Small appliances


Coffee makers, irons or toasters are all examples of small appliances sold at CVS for your convenience. These are best to avoid buying however, Regina Conway, consumer expert for SlickDeals.net said.

“The best time to make any small appliance purchase is around Black Friday at merchants such as Walmart and Target,” she said.

Buy: Gold Emblem-brand food


Gold Emblem is a “better for you” CVS-exclusive brand that is typically found on sale. It’s also comparable to supermarket prices and great to combine with your ExtraCare card and other coupons.

Skip: Beach chairs


According to the “Today” show, while beach chairs are often cheap at drugstores like CVS, the quality and lifespan are lacking. For a beach chair that will last long and won’t need to be replaced, consider purchasing at a BJ’s or Costco instead.