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The holiday tidings keep coming. An anonymous tipster complained to TVNewser that the hatchet came down at to the tune of “more than five” positions, a mix of “veterans and newbies.” CBS Interactive didn’t deny the rumour, but offered context (shifting resources, adding positions in the Bay Area, etc.)

Update: Gawker is reporting 10-20 layoffs, including the guy who runs Katie Couric’s blog; our sources confirm and say Couric was informed after-the-fact.

CBS’s statement after the jump.

CBS: “During 2007, CBS Interactive acquired three companies, invested in 11 more, and grew its workforce by hundreds of employees, including the formation of a new senior management team. Along with the core success of, new online sites from to Dotspotter have infused invaluable DNA into the division, and are actively translating their experience in community-building to all of the Company’s properties and content. In the coming year, we intend to build on our success by expanding on that strategy of building communities online. Part of achieving this goal is reorganising the way we do business to align the division’s workforce with our new vision, including increasing our operations in the Bay Area – the heart of so much of this activity. We’re confident that CBS Interactive’s focus on consumer involvement will help the Division experience another record year of growth in ’08 and beyond.”

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