Don't Miss Out! How To Set Your customised Email Alerts

With Business Insider’s new customised email alerts, you can create instant, daily, or weekly alerts on any topic or by any Business Insider writer. Here’s a quick tutorial:

Step 1: On the right side of the homepage, click the round, orange icon that says “NEW! ALERTS”

Alerts Icon


Step 2:
You will now see an expanded menu with multiple checkboxes.  The Alerts checkbox will be pre-checked. Just enter your email address and zip code and click “SIGN-UP

Alerts Module



Step 3: Build and customise your alerts. 

First, choose Alert Type.  Pick a specific news topic (News by Topic), or from your favourite Business Insider author (News by Author).  If you choose News by Topic, you can select from a list of the most popular topics or manually type in any topic that interests you.

Once you are done choosing Alert Type, decide when you would like to receive that alert.  The three options are: (1) Instant, (2) Daily or (3) Weekly. 

  • Instant: receive an alert as soon as an article is posted about your topic or by your author. 
  • Daily: receive an alert once a day on your topic or author of choice. You choose the time of day that you would like to receive this alert. 
  • Weekly: receive an alert once a week on your topics or author of choice. You set the day and time to receive it.

Once you are satisfied with your alert settings, click “ADD ALERT” to add this to the “Your Alerts”  hub.  If you want to build more than one alert, just repeat the steps above.

Finally, when done building all of your alerts, be sure to click “CONTINUE”.

Alerts Options




Note: For users that are not registered, you will need to create an account to start receiving your alerts. You will be taken to this screen when you hit CONTINUE, or you can click here to register first.

Alerts Reg Page

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