The Strange customised Supercars Of An Obscure German Carmaker

Custom Car

Every once in a while, a company you have never heard of issues a press release declaring that they are preparing to build a new, paradigm-shifting car.

Just that happened when we received info on the Tresor from Atelier Valdeig.

The Audi Q7-based super luxury SUV has a very—how do we put this lightly—interesting design. It also made us want to see more of what the company has to offer.

What we saw amazed us.

First is the ride that piqued our interest, the Tresor.

These renderings show an SUV that looks a lot like a raised Bentley Continental GT.

We aren't really sure about the appearance of the exterior, it's just not for us. The good news is that they worked with Russian company Armortech to make the car bullet proof.

However, there is no arguing that the vision for the interior looks fantastic. It just oozes class.

In addition to the Tresor, the company seems to love Maybachs. Here's their vision for a wagon version.

And here's what a Maybach that was heavily modified to become a coupe would look like.

This convertible Maybach actually looks very cool.

But one of the first things they did was make widebody kits for C5 Corvettes. Actually looks pretty great.

It also has Lamborghini doors and the rear window from a 1970s Stingray Corvette. We'd leave those parts off our own personal car.

The one we thought was the weirdest was this. It looks vaguely like a Porsche 550 Spyder, but the body is far wider...

...and longer. It's like a limo version of Porsche's lightweight race car. Strange idea.

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