BACKSTAGE AT FASHION WEEK: Models Get Decked For The Wild Custo Barcelona Show

cbshow, custo barcelona show, feburary 2012, fashion week, nyfw, bi, dngCusto Dalmau backstage at the Custo Barcelona runway show

Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

The Custo Barcelona collection, which is notoriously quirky, fun and outrageous, was an “homage to visionaries and the pioneers of creativity,” for the fall 2012 season, designer Custo Dalmau told us backstage at the company’s New York Fashion Week show this weekend.”I think it’s different by the sight. We changed the sight,” said Dalmau, who started the label in the 1980s with his brother David after a long trip around the world. “We changed the proportions, volumes and lengths of the pieces. And we added new materials.”

This year, hemlines were also shorter and wider, he said.

Fabrics highlighted in the show included wool, leather, metallic applications and technical finishes.

Dalmau talked the contrasting volumes of the clothes, such as over-sized jackets that “create cocoon shapes.”

The collection used colours as symbols: white for purity, red for love, green for nature, brown for earth, and black for unity.

The hairdos were kind of funky

The model is patiently waiting while hair stylists braid her hair.

It looks like those bobby pins hurt.

We count four pairs of hands doing this model's hair.

Maybeline stepped in to do the makeup.

The hair had some wild braiding and crimping to it.

BUSTED: the models used hair extensions.

Makeup artists were flustered, too.

Check out all the products in those makeup boxes.

Even the male models had their makeup done.

The stylists were ready to go with pins and tape, or whatever else was needed to make the outfits look great.

Practicing her pouty face.

This model posed for us in between makeup applications.

All of the clothes were labelled for each model.

This model prepares for her walk-through before the show.

Custo Dalmau answers questions about the collection before the show.

He picked up clothes off the rack to illustrate his point.

He was very excited to get the show started.

We saw this red wine colour on all the runways this season.

Check out some of the wool used on the coats.

This model snacked on some fruit before the show started.

And this model texted to occupy herself during hair and makeup.

there were a lot of people around fussing over the models.

Very fierce.

This model is silly.

Here is the backdrop of the Custo Barcelona runway.

The show took place at the Stage at Lincoln centre. Here's what it looked like before the place became packed.

Some pretty important people attended the show.

The photographer's pit was at capacity.

Here are Miss America Alyssa Campanella, Miss Universe Leil Lopes, and Miss Teen Danielle Doty.

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