Look At These Insanely Huge Curved TVs Coming Soon To A Living Room Near You

Yesterday, we told you that Samsung’s big product reveal for 2014 was a bunch of giant, curved TVs as much as 150 inches wide.

But Samsung isn’t the only company promoting gigantic bendy screens at CES, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, this year. Panasonic and Haier both have their own wave-shaped screens coming.

And it’s not until you get up close to them that you realise just how curvaceous these new beauties are.

First, here’s a look at Samsung’s Ultra High Def (UHD) screen. Check out the curve on this thing:

The closer you get to it, the more rounded it becomes. Makes you wonder how it’s going to look against your non-curved living room wall:

What the photo above doesn’t show is that the picture on the screen stays sharp and “natural” looking even when viewed from the side. There is very little image distortion if you don’t get the prime middle seat on the sofa.

Not to be outdone, Panasonic also has a bunch of curved 4K OLED screens that appear to bend in both concave and convex ways:

Lastly, Haier the Chinese electronics giant that has been expanding in the U.S. since the early 2000s, has its own more modestly curved screen:

Just to emphasise its range, Samsung created this “tree” of curved TVs in the middle of its CES booth:

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