Curtis Stone's advice on kids who are fussy eaters: 'let them go hungry'

Curtis Stone, wife Lindsay Price and son Hudson in 2013 with duck a l’ice. Photo: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images.

Curtis Stone, the US-based Australian celebrity chef and father of two has the solution for parents with children who are picky at meal times.

It’s tough love from the man who previously handed out advice on how to feed a family of four for under $10: starve them until they eat what they’re given.

On a previous visit to Australia, Stone, who has two boys, Hudson, 4, and Emerson, 1, warned of the dangers of hotdogs and said Hudson had never eaten one “because it’s full of shit”, adding that children “embrace whatever you expose them to, right, that’s just a fact of life”.

This time around, heading back to Australia for My Kitchen Rules, he told Melbourne’s Herald Sun that the problem was parents who were letting kids rule the roost when it came to meal time.

“I think the problem is too many parents worry about their kids being hungry that they let their children dictate what they eat,” Stone told the paper.

“I don’t see the big deal in letting kids go hungry a few times. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.”

The chef, who confesses his first “truly memorable food experience” was his grandmother’s Yorkshire fudge –“I just couldn’t get enough of it” — when he was four years old, said no snacks between meals is also important, and if what you’ve made for dinner doesn’t work, serve it up again for breakfast.

“Say you make a fish pie and the kids won’t eat it; I’d wrap it up, put it away and offer it again later when they’re hungry,” is Stone’s advice.

“What’s wrong with fish pie for breakfast? I’d love a fish pie for breakfast.”

Stone, 40, married American actress Lindsay Price in 2013, and was estimated to be the world’s highest paid chef in 2015, with combined earnings of around $46 million.

He opened his first restaurant, Maude, named after his grandmother, in Beverly Hills two years ago.

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