You'll Never Guess What TV Show Is Posting Its Best Ratings Ever After 7 Years

larry david

If only every TV show could have it this good.

After seven seasons, sometimes-erratic hiatuses and an on-screen/off-screen divorce, Larry David‘s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is in the best shape of its life.

Sunday’s episode, “Palestinian Chicken,” drew 2.4 million viewers — the best-rated show in the series’ history.

It was also a 24 per cent increase over the previous week’s airing — ratings have been nothing but up in season eight.

Perhaps it’s the noticeably increased presence of Bob Einstein, who plays Marty Funkhouser.

It’s probably got something to do with the uninterrupted hilarity of J.B. Smoove, who plays Leon Black.

Or maybe after the disaster that was “The Paul Reiser Show,” viewers are simply thrilled to have the true master of schmuckish humour back in business.

And this is all before we’ve gotten to the episodes set in New York.

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