Chevy Chase, ‘Curb’ Comics Take Stage For Online Show


Chevy Chase and Curb Your Enthusiasm stars Sussie Essman and Jeff Garlin will show up as guests on tonight’s episode of LateNet With Ray Ellin, an online/offline variety show sponsored by NY-based software firm Paltalk and The show kicks off at 8 tonight at Gotham Comedy Club in Chelsea and will be available online via Paltalk’s Webcam/video chat software.

Paltalk users can interact with the comics via an on-set display that shows live chat room comments as they’re typed. Unfortunately, Paltalk’s software is Windows-only, so we won’t be able to watch the show on our Macs.

Paltalk launched their voice/video IM software 9 years ago and claims 4 million active users. As companies like AOL (TWX), Microsoft (MSFT), and Skype (EBAY) have taken the lion’s share of the IM software market, Paltalk has moved deeper into marketing live, interactive events like LateNet, a chat room for XM’s Opie & Anthony show and chats with celebrities like Letterman sidekick Paul Shaffer and tennis great Pete Sampras.