This new Xbox One game looks and feels just like a 1930s cartoon

At its E3 press event Monday, Microsoft showed off a bunch of new indie titles coming to the Xbox One, but there was one particular standout: “Cuphead.”

It has a distinct visual style inspired by 1930s cartoons, like those made famous by Max Fleisher and Walt Disney. It’s colourful and beautiful and hectic, all at once.

If you want to learn more about Cuphead, Business Insider’s own Ben Gilbert had a chance to talk with “Cuphead” co-creators and real-life brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, who discussed their approach to the older visual style to ensure their game felt vintage but authentic. Here’s Chad:

[In the 1930s], they didn’t know how to cut corners to make similar visual styles, so a lot of the older animation is actually 24 frames per second. When you make a fast drawing, you can do it on ‘ones,’ which means you draw one frame (one image per frame). To get one second of animation, you need 24 frames. But as they got smarter, in the late ’30s and ’40s, they realised you can get away with a lot of stuff on ‘twos,’ which means you halt that drawing for two frames, and then you only need to draw 12. But, there’s still something very weird and surreal to see every frame drawn, and that’s why it seems not traced, but almost like just a very surreal motion to their animation. And because we’re dumb, we’re copying that [first] style of … more work.

“Cuphead” arrives on Xbox One next year.

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