Another congressmen just accused Valeant of a ‘pattern of obstruction’

House Representative Elijah Cummins has accused Valeant Pharmaceuticals of withholding documents he requested regarding its controversial relationship with its defunct in house pharmacy, Philidor.

In doing so, he has become the second politician in the last week to accuse Valeant of not cooperating with government investigations into the company.

“Your refusal to cooperate fully with Congress is extremely troubling and reflects a pattern of obstruction that impairs our ability to protect the American people against your company’s exorbitant price increases,” Cummings wrote in a letter sent to outgoing Valeant CEO Michael Pearson.

The documents he’s requesting include transcripts of interviews with Philidor employees.

Valeant, a former Wall Street darling, disclosed Philidor’s existence in October. That revelation, combined with government scrutiny over the company’s pricing practices, sent Valeant’s stock careening down over 80%.

The government is investigating whether or not Philidor aided Valeant in keeping its drug prices unreasonably high, and used shady practices to get prescriptions filled by insurers. Those issues prompted Valeant to create an ad hoc committee, which for irregularities with its accounting. The company finished that internal investigation recently, but it forced Valeant to delay its annual report until May 30th at the latest.

Last week, the Senate Committee on Ageing accused Pearson of being in contempt, for not showing up to a deposition scheduled for earlier this month. On Wednesday, the committee will hold a business meeting to decide whether or not to initiate contempt proceedings against Pearson.

Valeant did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment on this story.

Pearson is also scheduled to testify before the committee

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