The Cubs brought in a fleet of port-o-potties after Opening Night's bathroom nightmare

Wrigley Field renovationsJonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesThere were not enough bathrooms for the crowd of 34,000.

Wrigley Field was expected to be a bit of a mess on Opening Night after renovations fell behind schedule over the winter, leading one player to compare the scene to Baghdad just days before the season started.

But even those expectations didn’t prepare the Chicago Cubs or their fans for the mess that occurred on Opening Night. Due to a lack of usable restrooms, some fans missed multiple innings of the game waiting in line and others opted to urinate in plastic cups.

The solution for the second game of the season? Portable bathrooms. Lots of them.

This comes after the Cubs postponed the game due to a “forecast of rain and sub-freezing wind chills” on Tuesday.

That postponement led to several conspiracy theories, according to Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune, including the idea that the Cubs were just trying to buy time to find a solution to the bathroom problem.

But the port-a-potties were actually at the stadium nearly ten hours before Tuesday’s scheduled first pitch, so those theories don’t really make sense.

What makes this situation worse is that the Cubs told the media during a tour of the renovations in early March that some of the bathrooms may not be ready until June, according to Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune.

A Cubs spokesperson told Business Insider that two bathrooms in the upper deck were temporarily out of order on Opening Night, forcing fans to the main level and adding to the already long waits for those restrooms.

Now, three days later, the Cubs appear to have their solution, albeit one that may come with its own problem: odor.

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