Cubs Anthony Rizzo made a crazy catch that has the baseball world buzzing

Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo made what could go down as the catch of the year on a foul ball at Wrigley Field.

The play came in the sixth inning on a high foul ball hit by Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers with the ball sailing towards the stands. Rizzo jumped up on a rolled-up tarp, balanced himself on the wall, and made the catch leaning over on a ball that looked like it would have landed in the second row.

Amazing catch!

But at the same time, the actual catching of the ball may be the least impressive part of this play as there is a lot going on here. It starts with the run-up to the tarp and the wall. Rizzo actually takes his eye off the ball twice to prepare for the leap. While tracking a white ball against a dark sky sounds easy, it becomes a lot more difficult on the balls hit high if they are above the lights.

Rizzo then manages to balance on the uneven tarp and then finds the wall with one foot without even looking.

After making the catch, Rizzo then somehow balanced on the back of a seat, turns, and fires the ball back to the infield to keep the runner from advancing.

The play was initially ruled a “no catch” by the umpire as he felt Rizzo had caught the ball in the stands. However, the umpires got together and talked about it and eventually overturned the call with the runner advancing to second base because the ball did eventually go out of bounds after the catch.

Still, what a catch. This lady gets it.

Here is the full video.

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