Do We Really Need Another Dropbox Wannabe? This App May Change Your Mind

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Cubby is a new online storage service from the people that brought you LogMeIn

It’s currently an invite-only beta, but we had a chance to test out the latest app to take on Dropbox.

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Like Dropbox, Cubby is an online storage system for your files, pictures, videos, etc.

Cubby offers users 5 GB of free space, putting it on par with Google Drive. No paid plans exist yet, but we’re hoping for more storage options once Cubby is out of beta.

It seems as if Cubby took all of the good things from other online storage services and made them ridiculously easy to use, share, and sync. But just because it made a few things easier, doesn’t make it better…yet.

We’d like a referral program like Dropbox’s that lets you earn more storage for signing up your friends.

So how is Cubby different?

Your data is sorted into “cubbys,” which are folders where you can store your things easily. Drag and drop an entire folder into a cubby and click one button to share it with who ever you like.

Request an invite here and keep reading to see Cubby in action.

After you receive your invitation you will be taken to the cubby site where you will download the desktop app. Available for Mac and PC

Just like all the other services, you must get the desktop app.

Google, Microsoft and Dropbox each have their respective desktop apps. They are all also available for Mac and PC.

Once cubby is downloaded, you will be guided through the process of setting up an account. This is what the cubby app looks like on your desktop.

Cubby also adds an icon to your menu bar so that you can access the service anywhere. It offers several controls listed below.

Easily sync your added content to the cloud by clicking this button.

Collaboration is now a necessity for online storage services. Cubby makes that easy. You can even make a cubby specifically for collaborating if you choose.

Cubby's link sharing system is similar to Google Drive's. We still think Dropbox is the easiest way to share your files. They email the link for you. No extra steps.

Cubby only gives you 5 GB of storage for free...

To create a cubby you drag and drop a folder onto the desktop app. It takes a few minutes but then it appears.

We wish you could add files directly to the app but you have to create a cubby (folder) first. Once the cubby is created you can then open it and drag and drop whatever you like.

Once the folder shows up, click on it to access it. Now you can drag and drop individual files into this particular cubby.

If you choose to delete a file, it's only deleted from the cubby not from your computer. Google Drive and SkyDrive offer similar features. Dropbox allows you to go back 30 days if you accidentally delete a file.

Mobile Availability

Cubby is available in Apple's App Store and in the Android Play Store. That's pretty much in line with the competition. Dropbox is available on iOS and Android. Google Drive is only on Android for now with an iOS app in the works. SkyDrive is available for Windows Phone and iOS.

The cubby mobile app looks nice.

log in with your email and password

You can view all of your cubbys here.

Click on a file to email it, copy the link to the clipboard, and even make it private or accessible offline.

The cloud button at the top right allows you to add photos directly from your phone to a cubby.

Whereas SkyDrive gives 7 GB free (if you're a new user), Dropbox gives you 2GB for free, and Google Drive gives you 5 GB for be the judge.

The cubby homepage allows seamless access to your files from any computer.

Overall Cubby is great...

Despite being in beta status, Cubby is certainly worth checking out. An extra 5 GB never hurt anyone. The service has a lot of the features you're used to from big name services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive.

We think that once Cubby adds additional storage plans and more features that separate it from the pack it'll quickly become a worthy competitor. Remember to request an invitation here.

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