MARK CUBAN: Trump’s statement on the Fed is ‘exactly why the market will tank if he is elected’

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is continuing his campaign against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a tweet on Monday, the reality TV star and investor said that Trump’s comments about the Federal Reserve during his Monday interview with CNBC highlighted the candidate’s risk to the global economy.

“Trump’s comment on the Fed is exactly why the market will tank if he is elected,” said the tweet from Cuban. “Ask him if he understands how the Fed works @cnbc.”

Cuban has stated repeatedly that he believes there will be serious market turmoil if Trump is elected, predicting a stock market drop of 20% if he beats rival Hillary Clinton.

Cuban also took exception with Trump’s suggestion that the Fed is not politically independent, as it is designed to be.

“Dear Donald, if the @federalreserve is truly political they will announce that if you are elected there will be a HUGE rate increase,” Cuban tweeted.

Trump, in his CNBC interview, suggested that the Fed and Chair Janet Yellen are keeping interest rates low in order to sustain the economy until President Barack Obama is out of office. He said Yellen should be “ashamed” of her actions.

“So I used to think they were independent, and the Fed is obviously not independent,” said Trump in the interview. “It’s obviously not even close to being independent.”

Here are Cuban’s tweets:


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