Video captures several Cuban protesters being arrested after interrupting an ESPN report

In a series of stunning videos several political protesters in Cuba were arrested within moments of interrupting an ESPN report featuring Bob Ley.

The video report was coming from the streets of Havana shortly after the Tampa Bay Rays played the Cuban National Team. Just as Ley was beginning his report, a protester jumped up on the stage shouting, and others started throwing pamphlets.

Ley would later explain that he thought this was just a random person who accidentally stumbled upon their set.

However, within moments of the protest beginning, several plains-clothes policemen burst on to the scene, grabbed the 5-6 protesters, threw them into cars, and sped away.

It was a scene that really sends home the difference between the freedoms of people in the United States and Cuba. Seeing people interrupt news reports in the U.S. is a common occurrence and usually one to laugh at. But rarely are those people ever punished for their moment of dissidence.


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