An Investor Is Selling His Awesome Connecticut Estate Complete With Helicopter Landing Space

Ivano Panetti, an investor at private equity firm Mercurio Capital, and his wife Cinzia are selling their Connecticut estate for $US3.7 million,
says the WSJ.
And the coolest thing about it — at least in our opinion — is that the property is helicopter landing ready.

Sure, five bedrooms, a pool, and 8.25 acres straddling the New York/Connecticut border is cool.

But that just can’t match being able to land your wings in your back yard.

Nicole Steel of Realty Guild Incorporated has the listing.

Here's the entire estate, birds eye view.

This is where you park your heli.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the house/front yard.


Living room



Another angle.

Dining area, not so formal.

A lovely study.

A sample bathroom.

Bedroom (one of 5).

The backyard.

Your new pool.

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