Here's What The Economy Looks Like From A Railroader's Perspective


Photo: CSX

Railroad giant CSX announced it’s third quarter earnings last night. Earnings came in a penny ahead of expectations but revenue came in a little light.Overall volumes fell year-over-year.

Because CSX transports so many types of goods, they’re considered a pretty reliable indicator of the economy.

Management just published their earnings call presentation, and we pulled the key slides that shed light on the economy.

Automobile sales have been bullish for volumes.  But coal volume have struggled as America’s manufacturers continue.

The key economic metrics they follow signal slowing

Domestic and overseas demand for coal are telling completely opposite stories

Domestic coal demand is getting hit by both low demand and the ongoing switch to natural gas

The housing and auto markets are booming. But the drought has translated into lower crop volumes

Intermodal containers are an increasingly popular way to ship goods all over the world

Most trends are expected to continue into Q4, except for autos which are beginning to face tougher comparisons

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