The World's Thinnest Watch Is Barely A millimetre Thick

Photo: Kickstarter

Kickstarter seems to be all about the watches lately.The newest one to enter the fray is the CST-01, billing itself as the “world’s thinnest watch.”

And at only 0.8 millimeters thick, that’s a feature we’d believe. And the weight? Twelve grams, which is less than the five pennies in your pocket right now.

It’s pretty minimalist, standing in stark contrast to the other feature-packed Kickstarter watch called Pebble, just displaying the time on an e-Ink screen (which is all a watch has to do, right?).

The battery can be recharged 10,000 times and each charge will last about 30 days.

You can pick one up on Kickstarter with a $129 pledge. Check out the demo video below:

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