Crystal Harris Wanted $500,000 To Ditch Hugh Hefner At The Altar


Yesterday, we introduced you to Crystal Harris, the publicity genius Playmate who played Hugh Hefner for all the buzz he’s worth.

Turns out she’s even savvier — and colder — than we thought.

The New York Post reports that Harris’s cancellation of her Saturday wedding to Hefner was actually Plan B for getting famous.

First, Harris shopped a proposal.

As cameras rolled on a previously-scheduled Lifetime special about the wedding, Harris would dump Hefner at the altar. Then she’d give a follow-up interview.

All for the bargain price of half a million dollars.

The plan apparently didn’t work out — and we think Harris may have overvalued herself just slightly.

By the way, she’s apparently been cheating on Hefner for months with a songwriter named Jordan MacGraw.

He’s the son of Dr. Phil MacGraw and — much to Hef’s horror, we’re sure — has a goatee.

And anyone who thinks Hefner was in on this thing should consider the forthcoming Playboy cover, which reportedly features Harris as “America’s Princess, Mrs. Crystal Hefner.”

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