Meet Crystal Harris, The Woman Who Just Jilted Hugh Hefner -- And Ditched Out On Their Wedding


Crystal Harris might not have cleaned out Hugh Hefner‘s bank accounts, but she just took him for all he’s worth — in terms of publicity.

Harris, 25, was supposed to marry Hefner on Saturday.

But today, she announced that the wedding was off.

And guess what else happened today? Harris’s first pop single, “Club Queen,” dropped.

This isn’t just any Playboy bunny (Harris appeared in the magazine, and caught Hefner’s eye, in 2009).

Harris clearly understands that the most powerful platform in the Playboy empire is located at Hef’s elbow.

After all, Hefner’s former girlfriends — Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson — have all gone on to be vaguely famous.

So Harris — who’s also appeared on “The Hills,” in case you think we’re being too cynical here — clearly understood what she’d get out of two years as Hefner’s girlfriend.

Such as: connections.

The British-born model, who grew up in La Jolla, Calif., had her new album shepherded by Michael Blakey, a producer who’s worked with Eminem and Luther Vandross.

Harris tweeted about the release of its lead single to her 176,000 followers today — just as her first Funny or Die short went live.

Dumping the apparently forlorn Hefner was the third massive prong in one of the better twelve-hour publicity stunts in recent pop culture history.

Brace yourself for the following: a slew of CD follow-up press, an E! spinoff devoted to Harris’s brave new life, a couple of D-list romantic linkings and — just maybe — a showy, kissy, tearful reunion with Hefner.

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