5 horrible things passengers have allegedly done on cruise ships

naydev91/InstagramA 27-year-old tourist was banned from Royal Caribbean cruises for life after he jumped off an 11th floor balcony as a stunt.
  • Travelling on cruise ships can be rough if there are reckless, rowdy, or violent passengers on board.
  • Portuguese authorities said they arrested 12 people who allegedly hid $US2.6 million worth of cocaine on a cruise ship.
  • A cruise line refunded passengers after 1,300 men reportedly took over a boat and turned it into a “bachelor party.”
  • A group of 23 passengers, all part of a large family, were removed from a Carnival cruise ship after an alleged violent brawl.
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Travelling on cruise ships can be an enjoyable and economical way to see the world while relaxing on vacation. But every so often, there are passengers who put a damper on the fun.

Here are five times cruise ship passengers were accused of turning ordinary voyages into nautical nightmares.

Portuguese authorities arrested 12 cruise ship passengers after an investigation uncovered $US2.6 million of cocaine hidden in chip bags and bowls.

StockStudio/ShutterstockAuthorities said they found 18 kilograms of cocaine on a cruise ship.

According to a press release from the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency, 12 people were arrested on March 24 after allegedly smuggling 18 kilograms of cocaine onto an MSC cruise ship in Portugal.

The cocaine, which the agency said could be worth as much as $US2.6 million, was said to have been hidden in bags of chips and bowls.

“MSC Cruises confirms that it has closely cooperated with the relevant local authorities for the successful completion of a drug trafficking operation regarding the smuggling by passengers of illegal substances on board its MSC Opera,” an MSC Cruises representative previously told Business Insider.

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A passenger on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Gem ship was charged with assault after surveillance footage allegedly showed him beating a woman and knocking her unconscious.

Darryl Brooks/ShutterstockA Norwegian Cruise line ship.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Justice, a cruise ship passenger was arrested and charged with one count of assault and one count of assault resulting in substantial bodily injury.

Surveillance footage from the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Gem ship allegedly showed the man pulling a woman by her hair and punching her in the head, appearing to knock her unconscious, according to the charging document. She required five stitches.

He faces up to six years in prison and fines totaling up to $US350,000.

A passenger on a Royal Caribbean cruise was filmed jumping off the ship’s 11th-floor balcony and was banned from sailing with the cruise line again.

naydev91/InstagramScreenshots from an Instagram video showing Nick Naydev jumping off a cruise ship.

While travelling on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas cruise, passenger Nick Naydev was filmed jumping off the 11th floor of the ship and plunging 100 feet into the water in Nassau, Bahamas.

Naydev was immediately told to leave the ship and is banned for life from Royal Caribbean cruises.

The video of his stunt went viral on Instagram and has been viewed over 336,000 times.

I am truly astonished at how this video has spread throughout the internet,” he said in a statement to FOX13. “I did not think this through before I jumped. My idea was this would be a good laugh for my friends and I would just swim back to shore and continue my vacation and never thought this would be this serious.”

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A group of 1,300 men reportedly took over a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and turned it into a “bachelor party” that was less than family friendly.

Britt Erlanson/Getty ImagesA wild party (not pictured) got out of hand.

Passengers on Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager of the Seas cruise thought they were in for a relaxing vacation. Then, according to 9 News in Australia, 1,300 men from a data company boarded the boat and turned it into what one passenger described as a ship-wide “bucks party,” an Australian term for a bachelor party.

Passengers said that the men brought burlesque dancers on board, partied on the boat’s deck, and harassed young female passengers by filming them on their phones, and that families had to stay in their rooms to avoid the scene.

“Several guests shared their concerns with us about the behaviour of a group of other guests aboard the ship. We were able to quickly provide them with a satisfactory solution to their concerns,” a representative for Royal Caribbean Cruises previously said in a statement to INSIDER. “Royal Caribbean operates with the safety of our guests and crew as our highest priority. We are continuing to review this incident to ensure that our guest conduct policy is applied appropriately.”

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A group of 23 passengers, all part of a large family, were reportedly removed from a Carnival cruise ship after a violent brawl.

3AWRadio/YouTubeScreenshots from a video of the melee.

Cell phone video footage from a Carnival Legend cruise in the South Pacific appears to show a violent brawl that broke out among passengers and security personnel.

New South Wales Police said that they removed 23 people total from the ship in the aftermath of the fight.

We have a zero tolerance approach to excessive behaviour that affects other guests,” Carnival Cruise Line said in a statement to CNN. “In line with this policy, we cooperated fully with local authorities in Australia to remove a large family group who had been involved in disruptive acts aboard Carnival Legend.”

Passengers told The Washington Post that members of the group had been harassing and intimidating other travellers throughout the cruise.

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