Startup Crowd-Funded A Private Jet To Vegas For New Year's Eve [PHOTOS]


CrowdTilt is a company that makes it easy to raise money for any cause you want.Think Kickstarter, for creative and non-creative projects alike.

To welcome 2013 in style, CrowdTilt leveraged its own platform and partnered with Crossroads to raise more than $62,000 amongst its employees and their friends to throw one heck of a New Year’s Eve party. (Donors gave $300-$400 each.)

From a private plane to a private shuttle to luxury casino suite, the donors stayed up all night for a New Year’s Eve party to remember.

They boarded a private 737.

And were soon headed for Vegas (baby).

It looks like the flight started off a bit tame...

...but turned into a party soon enough.

Upon arriving in Vegas, private shuttles were there to take everyone to the casino.

And the party kept going.

They arrived at The Palms, where they would be ringing in the new year.

There was a DJ and an open bar... the party quickly swung into high gear.

It was a party of 165 people.

The 10,000 square foot party suite had a number of luxurious offerings.

You can take a dip in the sauna.

Or you could jump on the bed in one of the three bedrooms.

If you're more of a mellow type, you could simply take in the view while sipping a drink.

Renting the suite out would normally cost an individual $18,500 for a night.

But it's no fun to party by yourself, so CrowdTilt leveraged its own platform to get the cost down to $300-$400 per person.

Partygoers greeted midnight with a view of the fireworks.

And some smooches, of course.

The party kept going all night until 7:30 AM.

The shuttles rolled up to take everyone back to the airport.

Sure, they'd be tired the next day. But this will be a party to remember for a long time.

Think you can plan a trip to top this one?

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