This Awkward App Invites Friends And Strangers To Spy On Your Conversations And Give You Feedback In Real Time

You’ll never have to worry about a bad date again because this app called Crowdpilot will help you figure out how it went.

Crowdpilot, which we first heard of on on Forbes, lets iPhone owners stream audio of a conversation and invite Facebook friends to listen in for free or pay $US1 to give feedback in real time.

However, the app has one catch: it’s not a discreet recording program. You would have to let the other person know you are currently recording the conversation.

Crowdpilot works for other potentially awkward situations as well. Choose from other scenarios like argument, family gathering, or meeting to invite a bunch of people to listen in and provide their critiques.

It is available only for iOS and you can download it here.

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