Crows Are Attacking People In Berlin!


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Berlin is reportedly on high alert after a bunch of inner city crows have begun attacking humans.The Berlin Morgenpost has the story, and—quite frankly—it’s terrifying. Check out the first paragraph:

Thorsten Alsleben (40) was on the phone when he felt a thud on the back of the head. “I was on the short walk from your front door to the car,” he recalls. As he stood on the sidewalk at the corner of Metz Strasbourg in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, rubbing the back of the head and could not believe it. “Two crows were sitting on a tree behind me and looked at me.” Then suddenly another blow. The large dark grey birds attacked him.

Locals have noticed an increasing number of attacks, which scientists say are linked to the fact that March to June is the birds’ breeding season.

“It was like Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ – scary,” Alsleben said, pointing out the obvious.

(h/t The Local)

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