This Photo Of John Kerry And Russia's Foreign Minister Really Says It All

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are meeting Friday in London, where they are discussing potential diplomatic solutions to the crisis in Ukraine.

The meeting comes amid renewed, escalating tensions with the situation in the Ukrainian region of Crimea, A referendum is set be held Sunday to determine whether Crimea will become part of Russia, something Kerry and the U.S. are trying to hold off. The U.S. and other Western nations have upped their threats of sanctions on Russia if the referendum goes through, saying it would be a violation of international law.

Meanwhile, Ukraine security chief Andriy Parubiy claimed on Thursday that Russia has moved about 80,000 solders, 270 tanks, 370 artillery systems, and 140 combat aircraft near the Ukrainian border.

This photo of Kerry and Lavrov was taken before their meeting at the U.S. Ambassador’s home in London. It sums up well the pessimistic expectations for the meeting:

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