Crimean Coffee Shops Are Now Selling 'Caffé Americano' As 'Caffé Russiano'

In some coffee shops in Crimea, you can no longer order a “Caffé Americano.” It’s now called “Caffé Crimea.”

Tanya Lokot tweeted photos of the new trend. One coffee shop alerted customers to the change with a notice that reads: “Attention! Given the current geopolitical situation, we no longer have ‘the Americano.’ Please ask for the ‘Crimea coffee.'”

Another coffee machine was advertising the “Russiano.”

Check it out:

An Americano is espresso mixed with hot water.

American soldiers in Italy reportedly created the drink during World War II to make European espresso taste more like the coffee they were used to back home.

This ploy from Crimea is reminiscent of some restaurants in America referring to French fries as “freedom fries” as a reaction to France’s opposition of the US invading Iraq.

Russia invaded Crimea, a peninsula that was formerly part of Ukraine, earlier this year. The US opposed the move.

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