A New Website Could Change Shopping For Expectant Parents

When Rachel Blumenthal was shopping for her first child, she was overwhelmed.

“I thought it would be so easy, but instead there were thousands of options and no way to choose,” Blumenthal told us in a recent interview. “I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a better way.”

Inspired by her experience, Blumenthal decided to create a website that curates baby items like strollers, cribs and blankets.

Cricket’s Circle launches today. After joining for free, expectant mothers can get recommendations for items at different price points. They can also read candid reviews from others who have tried the products.

“I think a lot of retailers prey on the anxiety that new mothers have,” Blumenthal said. “We wanted to create an environment that was similar to how a friend would talk to you.”

Blumenthal has a long retail background — she worked at Yves Saint Laurent, and founded a jewelry brand. She also helped grow eyeglass brand Warby Parker, which was co-founded by her husband, Neil.

Cricket’s Circle is selective, recommending only three products for each category. The site doesn’t receive funding from the products it endorses — “We only wanted to show products we really believe in,” Blumenthal said.

Members can add products they’re interested in to a wish list. They can also see what products their friends are interested in.

Blumenthal hopes the site will also serve as a community.

Cricket’s Circle will also feature fashion and editorial content, with guest bloggers including Ivanka Trump, Jennifer Fisher, and Rebecca Minkoff.

“Our goal is to simplify this process for new parents,” Blumenthal said.

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