Cricket Australia Has Killed Off The Crackers At T20 After They Nearly Blew Up The Captain

It aint half hot mum. Source: Screenshot

Cricket Australia has cancelled fireworks during T20 matches in the wake of an incident involving Australian captain Aaron Finch on Wednesday night when an artificial flame-thrower went off in front of his face as he went to retrieve the ball on the boundary.

Yesterday, Cricket Australia apologised to Finch saying the incident was caused by human error and was a breach of operating procedures that are now being reviewed.

The showbiz pizzazz will be turned down, beginning with tonight’s game between Australia and South Africa at the MCG. The players will head onto the ground with the crackers going off, the fireworks for boundaries and wickets have been scrapped.

CA’s Executive General Manager of Operations Mike McKenna said “until such time as we’re satisfied that there won’t be a repeat incident, we will not be using flame units as part of any match presentation”.

He was unable to guarantee that Australia will win a cricket match.

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