Crews Had A Major Victory Fighting Fires In The Blue Mountains Today

Photo: Getty Images

Crews have made major inroads in their battle with serious fires in the Blue Mountains.

An investigation has also confirmed the Department of Defence was responsible for the State Mine Fire in Lithgow.

“The threat to the Blue Mountains has been averted today,” said Rural Fire Service commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons at a 5.30pm press conference.

Not one property was lost, in a day of horror weather conditions that posed a serious risk to homes and lives.

“To see that fire hold is still extraordinary,” the commissioner said. “It is absolutely wonderful it did not run.”

Earlier there was speculation that military training sparked one of the biggest blazes, which has now been confirmed.

A Rural Fire Service investigation has concluded that an explosive device on an army range was the cause of the Lithgow fire.

There are still two emergency warnings in place this evenings as crews continue to battle blazes, after a day of horror conditions.

Firefighters faced gusts of up to 80 kilometres per hour and temperatures of more than 30 degrees.

The most serious fires burning tonight are at Gateshead, near Dudley and Redhead, at Newcastle, and at Springwood in the Blue Mountains.

Earlier today a third emergency warning was issued for a blaze at Minmi, which has been downgraded to watch-and-act.

More than 200 homes have been destroyed, and one person has died since the fires started last Thursday. The damage bill is currently more than $100 million, and is expected to climb.

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