Credit Suisse's Excellent Guide To Why The UK Is Such A Mess

Queen upside down

UK crisis mongers have more fuel to add to their fire, after the release of Credit Suisse’s latest report on the country.

FT Alphaville has the breakdown, which explains why, at the minimum, the UK pound must weaken a lot.

Here’s the ugly story >

The Fiscal Deficit Is Enormous

And The IMF Says So Too

The government remains the number one player in its own bond market

UK is the king of quantitative easing

Inflation looms, according to traders.

The UK private debt situation makes the US look good

Core CPI is heading higher, unlike everywhere else

Housing is double dipping

And Yet, Housing Is Still Overvalued

But Don't Think The Conservatives Can Come To The Rescue

Now Check Out Why Japan Is In Its Own Mess

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