Credit Suisse Just Completed A Huge Client Survey And They Were Surprised By These 3 Responses

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Photo: Herve Boinay | Flickr

Credit Suisse just wrapped up a week of 1-on-1 discussions with its global macro clients and have compiled the investors’ responses to various macro concerns.They asked 17 questions.  Three answers took them by surprise:

  1. “Surprisingly, 29% of investors thought European assets provide the best risk return trade-off over the next decade relative to current expectations, so investors can see opportunities.” (Note: this compares with 26% for the U.S., 6% for China, 10% for Japan, and 29% for other emerging markets)
  2. “Nearly 60% of investors think there will be a renewed recession in the US within the next 2 years (32% of investors thought there was going to be a renewed recession within the next year). We find this surprisingly bearish, given the robustness of the US growth indicators (housing, employment, loan growth, car sales).  
  3. “One surprising result of our survey is that only 1% of investors see China as the most significant risk to growth, with 59% of investors believing that there was a zero or less than 25% chance of sub 7% GDP in China! Surely this is an area where investors are too sanguine.”

While this is largely anecdotal, the results nevertheless offer a useful glimpse into what the big money is doing.

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