Credit Suisse CEO Bob Jain threw a party at his $15 million Southampton mansion, and things got weird

Water mill centerWater Mill CenterA promotional image for the gala on the Watermill Center’s website.

Gesturing toward a man with his eyes closed and an arm flung over his head, former AOL senior executive Tatiana Platt exclaimed: “We have one really big surprise tonight — somebody already went to bed!”

That comes from a series of instagram posts taken by Platt at a private avant-garde party hosted by Credit Suisse Asset Management chief Bob Jain and his wife, Carola Jain, reported Page Six‘s Ian Mohr.

The party was hosted in Southampton, New York on Sunday.

The “sleeping” man was a model in an art installation — who, to his credit, doesn’t crack a smile in the video.

The dinner, hosted on behalf of the Watermill Center (which brings attention to rising young artists), was a preview for the center’s 22nd annual gala on July 25.

Guests were later taken to a “subterranean” disco party to “dance til dawn,” Mohr reported.

title=”One piece took up a portion of the lawn.”


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