INFOGRAPHIC: Only 12 States Have Consumers With Good Credit

All but four major U.S. banks passed last month’s stress test, but what about the consumers buried by credit debt at home?

That’s the question personal finance site Credit Sesame takes on in its new Credit Score Stress Test, an interactive state-by-state look at where consumers are struggling and excelling the most when it comes to their finances. 

Since Credit Sesame’s claim to fame is its ability to update users with their credit score – for free – each month, it was simple enough to cobble all the data together into a snapshot of our credit burden. 

“A state was awarded good credit health if a majority of its residents fell within the good-excellent credit range and poor health if the general population fell within the ‘poor-bad’ credit range,” the site says. 

Here’s how the states performed: 

Healthy (12 in total): NY, NJ, CT, MA,VA, IL, MN, SD, CO, CA, OR, WA

Struggling (6 in total): WV, AL, MS, LA, AR, WY

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Infographic: Credit Score Stress Test: Credit Score Strength by State

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