The credit ratings for 137 countries around the world

If you’ve ever wondered how your countries creditworthiness compares to others, look no further.

From Moody’s Investor Services, this chart shows the sovereign credit rating for every country the group monitors.

Source: Moody’s Investor Services

The further out a nation sits from the centre, the more creditworthy Moody’s deems it to be.

Those in the white rings, or with a rating of Baa3 or above, are investment grade while those in the yellow rings carry a junk rating, implying greater risk.

A bold green symbol for a country indicates it currently carries a positive outlook, potentially paving the way for a ratings upgrade in the future. On the other hand, those with a red symbol are on watch negative, signalling the rating may be cut by Moody’s in the future.

Moody’s says 74% of sovereigns carry a stable rating, indicating no near-term prospect of either a downgrade or upgrade. 16% are on watch negative and 10% are on watch positive.

So far in 2017, Moody’s has downgraded 20 ratings compared to 37 in 2016. 12 ratings have been upgraded, double the number of a year earlier.

Most of the upgrades have occurred in Europe with most downgrades coming from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Latin America and the Caribbean have seen nine downgrades and upgrades so far this year.

Source: Moody’s Investor Services

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