Three Amazing Credit Card Offers That No One Knows About

With so much money spent on credit card marketing, sometimes the very best offers elude us.

These three credit card offers, for whatever reason, haven’t gotten much attention on many of the finance blogs. They are still extraordinary, though.

United Airlines Credit Card with 30,000 Bonus Miles — You simply can’t beat this one if you travel United often (and with the completion of the United-Continental merger, they will be one of the planet’s biggest airlines). If you use the published link, after spending just $250 on your new United credit card you will receive 30,000 bonus United MileagePlus miles. Since domestic flights typically cost 12,500 to 15,000 points, this works out to two FREE flights. That’s a great deal, and you will continue to accrue even more miles with every purchase you make on the card.

Typically, it’s 1 mile per $1 spent on the card, and there’s no limit to how many points you can accrue.

Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card with 30,000 Bonus Points — Similar deal here; you get 30,000 Marriott Rewards bonus points, if you use the published link to apply online, after your first purchase on the new card. That alone makes this a stellar credit card offer worthy of far more attention than it has received thus far.

Plus, as long as you remain a cardholder, you get a free night’s stay at a Marriott hotel each year. Awesome perk, and very useful for those unexpected layovers or flight cancellations in an unfamiliar city.

Chase Slate with 0% Intro APR — It’s a weird little card; click through and look at the graphic. Unlike most other credit cards, Slate has a vertical design orientation, rather than horizontal. This one is a diamond in the rough, though, because it offers new cardholders 0% intro APR for up to 12 months (depending on your credit history) and has no annual fee. Plus, it can be configured with Chase’s Blueprint feature to help you save on interest charges and pay down outstanding balances faster.

More of my credit card promotions and new reviews can be found over on Outlaw.

Disclosures: I used to review credit cards for a living. Also, my web site has a financial relationship with Chase — we participate in their affiliate program. No financial relationship or position on United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Marriott or any other company mentioned in this story at time of publication.

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