Creator Of "CSI" Series To Release "Digi-Novel"

Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series, will release his novel “Level 26” next week. 

All you need to read it is the book, a computer and an Internet connection.

Level 26 is a “digi-novel” that combines the print and online media, Reuters reports.

Readers are provided with a code every 20 pages and are prompted to use it to log on to a website and watch 3-minute movie clips related to the story, called “cyber-bridges.” Users can also visit the novel’s website to read, discuss and contribute to the story.

Zuiker believes that people’s diminishing attention spans must be catered to, and this media mash-up is the future of the business. He says:

Just doing one thing great is not going to sustain business. The future of business in terms of entertainment will have to be the convergence of different mediums.

They need content creators like myself to come in the industry and say, ‘Hey, let’s try things this way.’

While this is an interesting concept and good way to attract attention, we wonder how feasible the format is. Having to pause every 20 pages, and get online, to watch a clip could get annoying. And having to be around a computer while reading the book might limit its adoption, at least, unless the e-readers start playing videos.

The novel can be read without watching the “cyber-bridges,” says Zuiker. But then, it will no longer be a “digi-novel.”

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