This guy turned his resume into a hilarious Snapchat Story to apply for a job

Eight months into the job hunt, Elski Felson was tired of filling out online applications without hearing back, so he decided to try something new.

Felson noticed that Snapchat was hiring, so he decided to turn his resume into a Snapchat Story and apply that way instead.

“Personally, I hate paper resumes,” Felson tells the camera in his Snapchat resume. “I don’t think a piece of paper can encapsulate anybody, so I decided to make you a My Story. I broke it down line-for-line of exactly what you’re looking for in a person.”

What follows is Felson’s humorous, and quite literal, take on each of the attributes and qualifications that Snapchat is looking for in its ideal candidate, all taken word for word from the job listing.

For example, Felson demonstrates he is a “multi-tasking rock star” by spinning a basketball on one hand while simultaneously riding a bike and recording, and shows off his “phenomenal presentation skills” by arranging some Laffy Taffy candies in a neat circle on a platter.

Felson also proves he is a “strong writer” by recording himself writing with a literal weight on his hand, and demonstrates his ability to “focus on an unstructured team” by recording his participation in a pick-up basketball game.

While Felson’s Snapchat resume doesn’t take itself too seriously, he does make sure to include all of his actual credentials in the video near the end, showing off his spreadsheet knowledge by recording his “A” in a Database Applications For Business class and mentioning that he has all the work experience required and is “a class away from finishing my MBA.”

Felson wraps up his resume by talking about how Snapchat has been useful to him since moving across the country.

“You’re literally my favourite app on my phone,” Felson says. “I moved from Pittsburgh to Santa Monica literally 10 days ago, and I now have friends to hoop with, a Russian yoga buddy, and Melinda from the grocery store is the best.”

We first saw Felson’s resume blowing up on Reddit, and with over 300,000 views, there’s a good chance someone over at Snapchat will take notice. Felson says he hasn’t heard back from Snapchat yet, but we reached out and asked him to keep us posted if they do.

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