24 Of The Coolest Billboard Ads We've Ever Seen

billboard ads

Photo: Outsiders Unite

Billboards are one of the oldest methods of advertising — in fact, the earliest one traces back to ancient Egypt some 3,000 years ago.In modern times, Wall Drug was first to launch a national billboard campaign in 1931; and cigarette companies took huge advantage of the medium in the 1970s, reports the Houston Chronicle

As the advertising landscape has changed, agencies have revolutionised the billboard: today you’ll see 3D images, optical illusions, and interactive 14 x 48 ft. ads around the world.

Now check out 24 of the coolest billboard images we’ve ever seen.

Car safety ad (Australia)

Miele vacuum cleaners (USA)

ZDF (Germany)

Cingular (USA)

Colorado State Patrol (USA)

XBox & Alan Wake (Canada)

Heineken beer (Netherlands)

Coop Paints & Nationwide (USA)

Absolut New York & IKEA (USA)

Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Sugar Free (India)

DHL (Philippines)

BMW (Russia)

Playstation Portable (USA)

Newcastle beer (USA)

Tramontina Tools (Brazil)

Coca-Cola (Canada)

Adidas (UK)

Nike Running

OT Formula Toothcare (Indonesia)

McDonald's (Sweden)

Adidas (Japan)

Audi A7 (USA)

Adobe CS3 (USA)

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