10 Photos That Show The Super Bowl's Media Day Has Become A Circus

The NFL held its annual Super Bowl Media Day session to give the media one last chance to speak with the coaches and players before the Big Game.

Unfortunately, if you are interested in knowing what the players say or think, Media Day has become a circus and is now more about who can ask the craziest question or pull off the most ridiculous stunt. Below are a few photos from Getty Images and Reuters that show just how silly it has become.

It is becoming increasingly popular for non-sports media to crash the party for a few cheap laughs.

Waldo wasn’t difficult to find for many of the media members.

Some in the media did want to hear from the players and the swarm around Peyton Manning was crazy.

Richard Sherman also drew a huge crowd.

That crowd also included this guy, who is presumably a member of some media organisation.

Media is no longer just about interviewing the players. Miss New Jersey also held court.

This media member freed up his hands by strapping a camera to his head.

Another media member was dressed in a wig.

Even the players got into the media action as Golden Tate wore a hat-mounted camera and Google Glass.

Marshawn Lynch may have been the star of the show which was ironic because he was trying to be incognito.

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