11 crazy off-the-wall tributes to Steve Jobs -- from haircuts to tattoos

Steve Jobs’ unwavering commitment to quality and innovation earned him many admirers throughout the world, and when an icon like him┬ápasses away, there will naturally be a flood of memorials. Books will be written, films made — in Jobs’ case, at least two.

When you love someone the way many Apple enthusiasts love Steve Jobs, memorializing him isn’t necessarily about making something “cool.” It’s about showing your personal connection to your hero. And if you are of the quirky sort, that tribute can turn out quite strange, and heartwarming in its own way.

At 22 years old, Steve Job said this about the founding of Apple: “Our whole company is founded on the principle that there is something very different that happens with one person, one computer…What we’re trying to do is remove the barrier of having to learn to use a computer.” This mission eventually caught fire with people around the world, and many associated Jobs with this road to intuitive design perfection.

Here are some of the weirdest ways they have paid tribute to his life:

The Steve Jobs ink

This tattoo by artist Nikko Hurtado is so realistic it looks like someone might have just Photoshopped a picture of Jobs onto this man's arm. They didn't. Hurtado specialises in ultra-realistic tattoo depictions. He has depicted everyone from Mr. Rogers (yes, that Mr. Rogers) to Will Ferrell on clients' bodies.

The Steve Jobs goes to heaven animation

The 'Young Steve Jobs' action figure

There have been a few attempts to memorialise Jobs in action figure form, most of which have been forced to shut down due to legal pressure. But one company is still going strong, Tokyo's Legend Toys. Its current 'Young Steve Jobs' recreates the maverick's look during the early days of Apple. It costs $US149.99 and comes with a detailed model of 'the first computer co-created by Steve Jobs, which kick started the whole legend.'

The Steve Jobs spare parts portrait

This Steve Jobs tribute might include the most fitting materials, which come together to create a ghostly representation of the Apple visionary. Benjamin Redford and Genis Carreras from Mint Digital created this image out of deconstructed MacBook parts in just four hours, Mirror reports. 'We just wanted to say thank you to Steve, by creating something with his work,' Genis told Mirror.

The Steve Jobs haircut

It's one thing to have a haircut like Steve Jobs, but it's quite another to have a haircut of Steve Jobs. One fan was spotted by MacRumors with Jobs' visage, specifically from the iconic Albert Watson photo from Fortune, shaved into his head. The cut also included a stylised Apple and Apple's famous 'Think Different' slogan.

The photo was taken by app maker CoPilot.

The bronze Steve Jobs

Gabor Bojar, the head of Hungarian software company Graphisoft, commission this bronze statue of Steve Jobs for his company's headquarters in Budapest, International Business Times reports. The life-size statue was made by the Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth. Gabor said Graphisoft had a personal relationship with Jobs that dated back to when it was a small company working within the 'economic and political confines' of communist Hungary, The Register reported.

The 'Steve Jobs Cheese Head'

Ken from TheCooksDen.com, a self-described Apple 'fanboy' and foodie, wanted to combine his two loves into one tasty creation. The result was 'Steve Jobs Cheese Head,' a sculpture of Jobs' head made mostly of mozzarella cheese (and wire glasses). Ken's website urges readers to 'Try Spicy Steve Nachos, iPad Thai and an Apple Cheese Plate and pay homage to the greatest consumer electronics company of all time.'

The Steve Jobs pizza

There is something about Steve Jobs that inspires food lovers to mould their creations into his likeness. Wilhelm Rodriguez is a chef at Papa's Pizza in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, but he's also an artist who can make realistic pictures using the tools at hand -- pizza. Rodriguez's art almost feels like jack-o'-lantern making, but much tastier. Besides Jobs, he's made pizzas baked with the faces of the likes of Family Guy's Peter Griffin and Freddy Kreuger, Neatorama reports.

The Steve Jobs Hello Kitty

After Jobs' passing, Sanrio, the Japanese company best known for cute superstar Hello Kitty, partnered with retail store LoungeFly to create a tribute. What came out of their collaboration was a strange hybrid of Hello Kitty and Steve Jobs, which dressed a Hello-Kitty-like cartoon in some of Jobs' most iconic clothing pieces. There's the blue jeans, the black turtleneck, and the glasses.

The golden bust of Steve Jobs

A Shanghai company was so inspired by Steve Jobs it created a gold bust of the Apple visionary that welcomes employees when they come to work in the morning, Quartz reports. The company says the purpose of the bust is to '(inspire) in employees Jobs' insistence on finding the best way to do something.'

The Steve Jobs official statue

The 'official' Steve Jobs memorial statue might be the strangest tribute of them all. Serbian sculptor Dragan Radenovic won Apple's international art competition, which had more than 10,000 entries. The model of the proposed work was unveiled on what would have been Jobs' 59th birthday last year, and consists of Jobs' head perched on an obelisk, with Cyrillic letters and numbers sprouting out of the sides. The reactions were mixed at best.

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