Crazy Stats And Facts For The Week: January 17, 2011

Ben Roethlisberger

Another wild weekend of NFL football is in the books, and Mark Sanchez continues to rack up the wins — but he’s got a ways to go to catch up to Ben Roethlisberger ‘s playoff success.

The Steelers are heading back to the AFC Conference Championship again, the 15th time the team has reached the semifinals, while the Seahawks fell to 1-8 on the road in the playoffs.

So click through to find out what Aaron Rodgers, Dwight Howard, Rafael Soriano, and more did this week that set them apart from the pack.

If the Ravens had held on to beat the Steelers, Joe Flacco would have had the most road playoff wins by a QB in NFL history.

On Wednesday, Dwight Howard recorded his 29th career 20-20 game.

Since Howard entered the league, no other player has more than eight 20-20 games.

Duke's loss to Florida State on Wednesday snapped the school's 25-game winning streak.

It was the second-best streak in school history. San Diego State now owns the nation's longest winning streak at 19 games. Ohio State's 18-0 start is its best since 1961-62.

16 out of 35 college bowl games had a lower attendance than the Texas 5A State Championship

Tony Gonzalez has never won a playoff game.

Syracuse is 48-5 over the last two seasons.

That's the team's best 53-game stretch in the last 75 years.

From Week 10 to Week 15, the Patriots beat the four teams that will play in Conference Championships this weekend by a combined score of 151-63.

New Yankees set-up man Rafael Soriano makes more money than anyone in the NHL.

The Washington Capitals have struggled this year, in large part due to their struggling offence. They're scoring 2.85 goals per game this year, almost a whole goal less than the 3.82 gpg they scored last year.

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Greg Olsen caught three passes for 20+ yards during the regular season. He caught three (58, 33, 22) yesterday.

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When the Seahawks beat the Bears during the regular season, they blitzed on 55% of Chicago's offensive plays. Yesterday they blitzed 17% of the time.

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The Seahawks 1-8 road playoff record is the worst in NFL history.

In his first two seasons, Mark Sanchez has as many road playoff wins as Dan Marino and Brett Favre had COMBINED in their careers.

Eric Weems' 102-yard kickoff return is the longest play in NFL playoff history.

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Ben Roethlisberger is 9-2 in the playoffs.

He has the second-highest winning percentage among QBs in the playoffs (with at least 10 appearances) after Bart Starr who is 9-1. The Steelers will play in their 15th Conference Championship game, the most since the 1970 merger.

Aaron Rodgers' 86.1% completion percentage on Saturday is a Packers playoff record, and the 5th-highest mark in NFL history.

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