Check Out All The Crazy Swag Hard-Core Google Fans Can Buy

One of the best parts about working at Google is that you get a bunch of amazing perks. Employees have access to limitless food, exercise classes, and free T-shirts galore.

However, even if you’re not actually a Google employee, you can still deck yourself out in Google gear through its online store.

We poked around a bit and found out that it sells some pretty crazy stuff.

Make any juicy steak even better by putting an Android on it with this $US50 stainless steel meat-branding iron.

Go cycling (or just make a fashion statement) in these ladies bib shorts.

You can buy this neon Chrome light for only $US19.

You can prep for your Google interview with this advanced puzzle. You have to move the strings around to untie the knot.

Wonder if Larry Page and Sergey Brin bring these Google lava lamps to Burning Man?

A really expensive leather bag -- with some subtle Google+ branding. This tote goes for $US203.35.

Golf club covers, bag clips, Squishables, oh my!

This 'retro boom box cooler' does actually play music and apparently holds up to 20 cans.

If you wanted, you could dress head to toe in Google gear. Check out those rain boots.

These aren't called utensils. They're called FUNtensils!

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