Here's How To Navigate Your Way Through The Crazies At Coachella


Photo: Aly Weisman/Business Insider

While the late Tupac performing as a hologram during Coachella’s final performance was pretty crazy, it was just the icing on the cake of a weekend full of even crazier costumes, parties and shows.While the logistics of the weekend can often seem overwhelming, it’s worth every food or bathroom line, drop of stranger sweat and dirty feet.

But no words can do it justice, so take a look at some of our pictures from the weekend.

Getting to the fields can be tough, better pack your patience.

Once you find a parking spot—rejoice!

The walk from parking to security is long, so have fun with it.

Get your wrist band ready to scan...

And make your way through security check point number one.

Women separate from the men so that their purses can be checked.

And then one must complete the limbo.

We found this guy in the second security checkpoint line.

Celebrate once you are inside!

The walk to the fields where the concert stages are is filled with tents where people camp for the entire weekend.

Despite some chilly temperatures early in the weekend, these campers are still smiling.

When you reach the ferris wheel, you know you are close.

The arches are the second sight one sees and a great meeting point.

Now get that 21+ wrist band...

But you have to get past this lady first...

Before you can get drinks at the bar.

It's a mob scene.

But that didn't stop these bikini-clad Coachella-goers...

These face-painted and feathered folk...

This group of girls....

Or these L.A. ladies.

There is also food to be found, like Pink's chilli dogs.

This guy was still on the hunt for what to eat.

The nearby beer gardens are packed with people.


Making plans.


Waiting for the bathrooms.

On the fields with the stages, people get even crazier.

Even a few kids got in on the action.

A temple made entirely with recycled goods sits in between two stages.

This is where people refuel with food...

Before heading to the evening's concerts.

Dusk in the desert.

David Guetta was a fan favourite.

As was Florence and the Machine.

When night falls, the fields light up.

And then, three days later, it's time to drive home.

Or fly. Bye bye!

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