The 12 Most Ridiculous Moments From The Bizarrely Awesome Olympics Opening Ceremony

olympics opening ceremony 2012

Photo: BBC

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is finished in London, and holy smokes was it crazy.It was a super-entertaining celebration of all things British — from the farm animals to music to Mr. Bean. The feel of it was the exact opposite of the Beijing Opening Ceremony — which was stunning, but in a very earnest way.

It was fun, above all else, which is probably what an Opening Ceremony ought to be.

We pulled out the 12 most ridiculous moments from the festivities — they include the Queen, corgis, and a 40-foot Voldemort.

Peasants crawl out of the hole where a tree used to be

An enormous Cruella Deville

A 40-foot Voldemort getting attack by an army of Mary Poppins'

The Queen, James Bond, and corgis star in a skit

The 'Queen' (er, a stand-in for the Queen), jumps out of a helicopter

Mr. Bean in a 'Chariots Of Fire' parody sketch

A song-and-dance number involving hospital workers and sick kids

David Beckham drives the Olympic flame to the stadium on a boat

Huge smoke stacks emerge out of the ground

There was an interlude about the women's suffrage movement

Men in top hats pick grass, for some reason

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