Ridiculous NBA Fashion Made A Huge Comeback At All-Star Weekend

russell westbrook crazy outfit

Photo: @russwest44

It’s been a quiet year in the NBA fashion world, with players failing to shock and appall fans like they did during last year’s playoffs.But we saw a big comeback this weekend at the All-Star game in Houston.

There were some straight-up absurd outfits — including a gold porcelain bow-tie, a leather-sleeved sweater, and a giraffe-inspired suit.

Russell Westbrook led the way, as usual

But LeBron James had the single most-ridiculous look

A sweater with leather sleeves

Dwyane Wade had the single most ridiculous accessory, this gold porcelain bow tie

Carmelo Anthony wore a sparkly number to his Friday press conference

Kobe wore a jean jacket with leather sleeves

Wade with some gold regalia

Westbrook wore a giraffe-esque outfit to coach the celebrity game

James Harden coached against him

He was wearing snakeskin shoes with pink socks

Westbrook still wins

BONUS: TNT's Craig Sager saved his most ridiculous jacket for the game

Now see some on-court action from Houston

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